Case Studies

81% Increase in conversion

CausalFunnel’s intent prediction with timely nudges targeting the two personas increased the number of orders by more than 81%.

1.3X Increase in YoY Revenue

Using CausalFunnel platform, Leightworks is able to increase their revenue by 27% year over year!

302% Increase in Return on Ads Spend

CausalFunnel’s intent prediction with timely nudges and unique offers increased the revenue by 302%

2X Boost in online order numbers

CausalFunnel’s intent prediction with timely nudges targeting the two personas increased the number of orders by 200%!

In-Depth Look

How we improve your conversion

CausalFunnel technology actively drives your visitors along the conversion funnel with persona, intent prediction nudges as well as AI shopping buddy lead capture and integration. Our technology works even if the visitor comes back after their cookies have been cleared (Apple clears cookies in 1 to 7 days). Using our LTV AI Engine we boost your customer life time value by combining anonymous visitor data with your historical data. The platform continuously boosts your conversion during various buying stages of a visitor.

  • "CausalFunnel has been instrumental in finding our way to increased revenue while saving money on Ads and Marketing. It's a trustworthy product for user acquisition and retention that is better than any other we have used in past."
    David Leight
    Founder and CEO (LeightWorks)
  • Retargeting is dead! This is the best tool I found for improving conversion instead.
    Dr. Erson Religioso
    Founder (Edge Mobility System)

Steps to Start Helping

What it takes to get the AI working

CausalFunnel AI Platform actively gathers, analyzes and predicts customer behavior using the website visitor data. There are few steps before the platform is smart enough to start helping. We describe below the stages to deploy our Basic (Anonymous Visitor Conversion Booster Model) product.

After the CausalFunnel plugin is deployed, the first step is to build the personalized AI model for the business. This includes discovering the significant personas and their normal conversion path and behavior on the website. Once the personas are discovered, the next step is to identify the drop offs and leakages for different personas’ paths and deploy personalized nudges for them. We A/B test the best set of nudges for different types of personas to get the best conversion results. This includes building the UI templates as well as creating the right incentives for each persona type with help from the business. 

Once the personas are deployed the Anonymous Visitor Conversion Model actively guides visitors on the website using nudges towards lead capture and conversion. This leads to significant improvement in conversion rates for the anonymous visitors to the website.