The AI platform that does not rely on privacy invasive cookie data

Redefining User Identification: The DeepID Advantage

In today’s digital world, how websites recognize returning users is changing. Traditional methods, like using cookies, face challenges due to privacy concerns and policy changes. But with DeepID, we’re introducing a new way to identify users that’s both accurate and respectful of privacy.

Moving Beyond Cookies
Introducing DeepID: A Smart Solution
  1. Unique Identification: DeepID creates a special ID for each user, using things like where you’re located, what device you’re using, and other factors. It’s like a digital fingerprint, but without invading your privacy.
  2. Accuracy You Can Trust: DeepID is super accurate, identifying returning users about 98% of the time. That means when you come back to a site, it knows it’s you, without needing to track your data.
The Benefits of DeepID
DeepID: A Step Towards the Future

As the digital landscape evolves, DeepID represents a step forward in user identification. By combining accuracy with privacy, we’re shaping a future where personalized experiences coexist with respect for individual privacy. Join CausalFunnel on this journey towards a more secure and user-friendly online world!

The Best In Class Categorization and Identification Technology

AI models that are built on top of our disruptive cookie-agnostic data platform.

200 Million+

Sessions where our AI models have been tested, and our user base is growing fast.

Avg 45%

Boost in conversion delivered to our customers.


Accuracy in our Cookie-agnostic AI uniquely classifying and categorizing an anonymous visitor.


Accuracy in predicting an anonymous visitor’s buying intent.


second is all it takes for our superfast AI to make prediction.

Our AI models, built on cookie-agnostic data Platform, uniquely cater to your needs by providing customized Product Offerings

CausalFunnel technology actively drives your visitors along the conversion funnel with persona and intent prediction nudges. Our technology works even if the visitor comes back after their cookies have been cleared (Apple clears cookies in 1 to 7 days). Using our LTV AI Engine we boost your customer life time value by combining anonymous visitor data with your historical data. The platform continuously boosts your conversion during various buying stages of a visitor.